"The diesel engine can be fed with vegetable oils
and would help considerably in the development
of agriculture of the countries which use it."

Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the Diesel engine, 1911


Biodiesel: a sustainable, affordable and easy to use fuel


Biodiesel is a liquid fuel made out of processed vegetable or animal oil. Depending on local conditions, it is primarily processed from canola oil, soybean oil, palm oil, jatropha oil, coconut oil, waste vegetable oil and chicken tallow. In South East Asia, the most promising crops are jatropha and oilpalm.

The main environmental benefit from vegetable oil biodiesel is that its carbon cycle is neutral: the carbon released in the air during combustion is offset by the carbon absorbed from the air during plant growth. Biodiesel also releases less of other polluants during combution and offers safer handling than petroleum diesel (it degrades much faster in the event of a spillage; it is less volatile; its flashpoint is much higher).

The use of jatropha as a biodiesel crop adds a significant enviromental benefit. Being an extremely resistant plant, jatropha can grow where no other plant can. In this manner, it is a powerful tool in restoring the soil quality of degraded land.

Affordable and easy to use

Unlike other alternative energies, biodiesel relies on mature technologies (both agricultural and chemical). The capital and operating costs of biodiesel processing are low; plant oil can be sourced or grown in a very competitive way in South East Asia. Given these conditions, and through sound project management, biodiesel can today be marketed at a lower price than petroleum diesel.

Unlike ethanol -another competitive green fuel- biodiesel can be used pure or blended in nearly all diesel engines, without any modification. This means it can be distributed to existing cars through existing gas station networks.

The technology is in place; the land and labor are in place; national energy policies are in place; the market is in place. Now is the time to move in!


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